At Grove Vets in Ballymena and in Randalstown, Northern Ireland, we have many dog owners who ask “Does my dog need Vaccinated?” Here are three important questions which Grove vets want to answer for local dog owners.


1. Does my Dog need Vaccinated?

At Grove Vets we advise that your dog does get vaccinated. Vaccination protects your dog against diseases which can cause pain, distress and are often fatal. By vaccinating your dog you have peace of mind, knowing that you have provided protection. As well as safeguarding your own pet, it also prevents diseases from being passed onto other animals.

2. My dog has little contact with other dogs, do I still need to vaccinate?

Yes. The infectious agents responsible for some of the diseases we vaccinate against can survive in the environment for up to one year and so there is no need for direct contact between pets for these infections to spread from one pet to another. This means that, for example, should your pet have contact with an area of ground which an infected dog has previously had access to, there is risk of infection to your pet.

3. Why do we need to give boosters each year?
The immune response stimulated by vaccination fades over time and so your pet can become vulnerable once again to infection. A booster refreshes the immune response and ensures that your pet remains protected.

Grove Vets want your dog to be happy and healthy and we highly recommend that you get your dog vaccinated with regular boosters. For more information about the diseases we vaccinate against and how often you dog needs treatment please get in touch with the Grove Vets practice in Randalstown or Ballymena on 028 2565 6023.