At Grove vets we recently treated Rupert, a cat with mouth ulcers. Mouth Ulcers may seem like a small inconvenience to us but for a cat it can cause lots of pain, it can make them reluctant to eat and be the sign of something more serious.

Cat with mouth UlcersCat mouth Ulcers

We are happy to report that Rupert is well on his way to a full recovery. He suffered from a debilitating and potentially fatal condition called feline stomatitis.

Feline stomatitis is a severe, painful inflammation of a cat’s mouth and gums. In most cases, the condition causes ulcers to form in the mouth; these ulcers can involve the lips, tongue, gums, and back of the throat. Cats of any age or breed can be affected. (Source)

Rupert had to have extensive surgery on his teeth and gums, Which was all performed here at Grove Vet in Ballymena. That means that he didn’t have the stress of a long journey and his owners knew exactly where to bring him for his treatment.

Checking your cats teeth and mouth is a very importnatn thing to do. The Nurses Clinic here at Grove Vets can help you to clean your pets teeth and give you advice of you think anything is wrong. Bad breath is often a sign that something is wrong with your cats mouth or teeth so if you notice even a slight change it may be a sign of something deeper.

If your dog has bad breath click here to read our advice.

Rupert is feeling much better and has been tackling any meal left unattended from pepperoni pizza to sponge cake! If you would like help with your pet then please call Grove Vets on 028-25656023. The surgical team at Grove Vets in Ballymena are happy to see this cat with mouth ulcers fully recovery and back to being a happy and healthy cat.