Writing here on our blog is one way to communicate and tell stories and share news on the web but, often it’s not as direct as we need it to be. We love being able to use social media to communicate quickly and effectively with our customers.

One aspect of this which we have loved is being able to reunite pets with their owners via our Facebook page. The speed of social media is really helpful when it’s comes to this kind of thing.

We posted about this ginger cat on Thursday 13th Oct and the very next day we were excited to see that the pet had been reunited with it’s owner.

The speed of social media is really helpful

The speed of social media is really helpful

How amazing is that? It was great to see this scared little cat being reunited with it’s owner.

Using Facebook to help reunite missing pets with their owners is a fantastic but simple act. It takes no time at all to simply post a picture and contact info. If you haven’t like our Facebook page, we would love you to connect with us there. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a missing pet or if you find someone else’s pet. If we can help by posting some info online for you we will definitely do that.

Ballymena Today also wrote a post about this for us recently to highlight how you can do the same for your business or organisation using social media and by connecting with real people/.