At Grove Vets we are excited about a new year and a new pet. No, we aren’t asking you to get rid of your beloved pet for a new one, but now is a great time to check your pets health and tackle any problems or issues.

Just like us humans our pets can overindulge and get a bit lazy over Christmas time. And just like lots of people are starting to eat healthy and join up to the gym our pets can get a new regime too.

Does your pet need some exercise and nutrition advice. Well if so then Grove Vets are the place to go.

New Year - New Pet at Grove Vets

New Year – New Pet at Grove Vets

Grove Vets have a FREE nurses clinic to tackle overweight pets. Yes, it is FREE! Headed up by head nurse Janice you pet will get an exercise plan and nutritional help. Don’t forget at Grove Vets we have a Hydrotherapy pool which can be used to aid weight loss. Janice will monitor you pets weight with weigh in’s and give you all the advice and help you need to help your dog or cat achieve a healthy weight.

Ensuring that your pet is healthy and happy is your responsible as a pet owner. We know how easy it is to give your pet treats in the form of snacks and food, but this could really be damaging to their health and wellbeing. Please consider calling in with Janice at the Nurses Clinic at Grove Vets in Ballymena to get your pets health and weight back on track!