Grove Vets in Ballymena have lots of advice to give about how best to care for your cat. Cats are independent and like to think they can look after themselves but we know that they often need a loving owner to help them out too. At Grove Vets we deal with all kinds of Cat related appointments. These range from worming, neutering and vaccinations, to teeth cleaning and helping fat cats to lose weight.

Grove vets have written lots of articles here on the Grove Vets website which might be of use to you of you are a cat owner.

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  • Caring for your cat as it gets older

If you would like to have a look at these articles and more please click here. Below is one of our old articles which we think is worth sharing again.

Neutering your Cat

How to best care for your Cat - Advice from Grove Vets Ballymena

Grove Vets Ballymena advise to neuter your cat. Neutering your cat at Grove Vets Centre can help reduce undesirable behaviour such as urine spraying and aggression. Neutering is also essential to control the cat population.

Cats that are neutered live longer and have a lower chance of developing mammry carcinoma and are less likely to get infectious diseases such as FIV & FELV. The risks of pregnancy are also avoided.

Experts now recommend neutering at 4 months of age instead of traditional 6 months.  There are lower surgical complication rates, quicker recovery rates. Earlier neutered cats have a lower incident of feline lower urinary tract disease, gingivitis and feline asthma compared to cats neutered at the traditional six months of age. Find more information at The Cat Group.

For advice on neutering your cat contact Grove Vets Ballymena on 028-25656023.