How to best care for your Cat – Advice from Grove Vets Ballymena

Grove Vets in Ballymena have lots of advice to give about how best to care for your cat. Cats are independent and like to think they can look after themselves but we know that they often need a loving owner to help them out too. At Grove Vets we deal with all kinds of Cat related appointments. These range from worming, neutering and vaccinations, to teeth cleaning and helping fat cats to lose weight.

Grove vets have written lots of articles here on the Grove Vets website which might be of use to you of you are a cat owner.

  • Cats with mouth Ulcers
  • The benefits of having a cat
  • Caring for your cat as it gets older

If you would like to have a look at these articles and more please click here. Below is one of our old articles which we think is worth sharing again.

Neutering your Cat

How to best care for your Cat - Advice from Grove Vets Ballymena

Grove Vets Ballymena advise to neuter your cat. Neutering your cat at Grove Vets Centre can help reduce undesirable behaviour such as urine spraying and aggression. Neutering is also essential to control the cat population.

Cats that are neutered live longer and have a lower chance of developing mammry carcinoma and are less likely to get infectious diseases such as FIV & FELV. The risks of pregnancy are also avoided.

Experts now recommend neutering at 4 months of age instead of traditional 6 months.  There are lower surgical complication rates, quicker recovery rates. Earlier neutered cats have a lower incident of feline lower urinary tract disease, gingivitis and feline asthma compared to cats neutered at the traditional six months of age. Find more information at The Cat Group.

For advice on neutering your cat contact Grove Vets Ballymena on 028-25656023.

Benefits of having a pet cat

Benefits of having a pet cat

We love cats and we thought we’d share some of the benefits of having a pet cat. Many people think cats are unfriendly and aloof but this is not always true. Cats are almost always perfectly happy being on their own but they still form close bonds with owners and even other cats.

Cats also like to sleep and can notch up fifteen hours of nap-time during one day but, owning a cat is till a commitment that you need to consider carefully. Your cat will still need your attention.

Cat owners are less likely to suffer from stress and are known to relax more and have greater life satisfaction. Cats keep their owners feeling young and active and learning how to care for a cat can do wonders for a child’s self-esteem, social skills and sense of responsibility to others. For many owners, their cat is an integral member of the family – inspiring feelings of peace, joy and happiness and providing fun and laughter.

The above quote is from the Cats and People Document on – you can find the whole document here. There is also a comprehensive series of guides available here. These important documents cover everything you need to know about owning a cat and you can download them and keep a digital copy if required.

Everything from feeding your cat, microchipping, pregnant cats and ageing cats is covered in the documents linked but, if you live locally and have any concerns, Grove Vets are happy to help.

Cat Myths Busted

Cat myths busted

We are really looking forward to more in this series after seeing the helpful Cat Myths Busted,  Ain’t Misbehaving short video. No matter what type of pet you have, there will always be helpful tips and hints that are worth knowing. There will also be myths that you might have heard about certain pets.

Check it out.

This is such simple information. We love it!

Cats Protection’s Behaviour Manager Nicky Trevorrow says:

“Cats are naturally very clean animals so it is certainly a sign that all’s not right in their world if they start inappropriately urinating in the house.”

– Quote source here.

If you have a cat you can get more really helpful information here at and, if you want to keep an eye out for more short videos in this series then visit

We can’t wait to see more.

And don’t forget if you live locally and have any queries or concerns about your cats or any other pets, you can contact us easily.

Grove Vets – Cat scratching advice

Here at Grove Vets we love meeting your beloved cats. Cat owners often come to us for vaccinations, and neutering but we also have a nurses clinic where we can give your cat a general check up and advice. We have already shared some advice for cat owners who are struggling with their cat using their litter box. In follow up to that blog post we want to look at the problem on cats scratching everything in sight and ruining you furniture, and possessions. WedMD gove this advice to cat owners who are struggling with these problems:

Grove Vets - Cat scratching advice

Scratching. It may seem like kitty is scratching your couch and curtains to annoy you, but she’s really doing it to work off energy, to play, to mark her territory, even to get rid of frayed bits of claw. Good news: “Scratching is easy to prevent,” Case tells WebMD. So you don’t have to settle for raggedy furniture or stop kitty from expressing her natural behavior. To prevent scratching damage:

  • Buy one or more scratching posts for your cat, then dab a bit of catnip on the posts to entice your feline friend to use them.

  • Trim your kitty’s claws. 

Read more here.

In the nurses clinic at Grove Vets our professional Veterinarian nurses can trim your cats nails. Bringing your cat in means that you know you will have the job done professionally, and it will also help with the damaging scratching behaviour which you want to tackle.

If your cat is causing trouble at home by scratching, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Grove Vets to book an appointment with the nurses clinic to get your cats nails trimmed.

Grove Vets help with your Cat Problems

Here at Grove Vets we meet lots of cat lovers and their pets. We love to help cat owners out whether it is with teeth issues, or feeding problems. However at out Nurse clinic we often get lots of questions from cat owners which we wanted to share here on our blog.

Grove Vets help with your Cat Problems

One of the most common problems for a cat owner is surrounding the litter box. While not being a medical emergency, you may feel silly asking about it but it is amazing how these little behavioural issue can become irritating and annoying. WedMd share the following:

Litter box issues. This is “numero uno by far” of problems people report with their cats, says Linda P. Case, MS, author of The Cat: Its Behaviour, Nutrition, and Health. And no wonder. It can be extremely frustrating when your kitty decides that the litter box is off-limits. But there’s usually a reason cats avoid their box, and fortunately there’s a lot you can do to address the issue.

  • Talk to your vet first. Bladder stones, urinary tract diseases, and crystals in the urine are all reasons your cat might start avoiding the litter box. To rule these and other health issues out, be sure to have your cat checked by your veterinarian.

  • Have at least one litter box per cat. If your kitty has to stand in line before she can relieve herself, she may decide to take her bathroom break elsewhere. Try test-driving a few kinds of litter and litter boxes. Some cats prefer covered boxes, some don’t, and some cats prefer one litter over another.

  • Always keep the litter box clean — even clumping litter has to be changed regularly. A rule of thumb: Clean the box at least once daily, twice if there’s more than one cat in the house.

Sound simple? Yes, but we all know that not every cat wants to do what you tell it to so if you are having any trouble or are worried about your kitten or cat then please get in touch us here at Grove Vets in Ballymena- we are here to help you.