How to best care for your Cat – Advice from Grove Vets Ballymena

Grove Vets in Ballymena have lots of advice to give about how best to care for your cat. Cats are independent and like to think they can look after themselves but we know that they often need a loving owner to help them out too. At Grove Vets we deal with all kinds of Cat related appointments. These range from worming, neutering and vaccinations, to teeth cleaning and helping fat cats to lose weight.

Grove vets have written lots of articles here on the Grove Vets website which might be of use to you of you are a cat owner.

  • Cats with mouth Ulcers
  • The benefits of having a cat
  • Caring for your cat as it gets older

If you would like to have a look at these articles and more please click here. Below is one of our old articles which we think is worth sharing again.

Neutering your Cat

How to best care for your Cat - Advice from Grove Vets Ballymena

Grove Vets Ballymena advise to neuter your cat. Neutering your cat at Grove Vets Centre can help reduce undesirable behaviour such as urine spraying and aggression. Neutering is also essential to control the cat population.

Cats that are neutered live longer and have a lower chance of developing mammry carcinoma and are less likely to get infectious diseases such as FIV & FELV. The risks of pregnancy are also avoided.

Experts now recommend neutering at 4 months of age instead of traditional 6 months.  There are lower surgical complication rates, quicker recovery rates. Earlier neutered cats have a lower incident of feline lower urinary tract disease, gingivitis and feline asthma compared to cats neutered at the traditional six months of age. Find more information at The Cat Group.

For advice on neutering your cat contact Grove Vets Ballymena on 028-25656023.

Grove Vets Pet Health Plan

At Grove Vets we fully recommend you consider a Pet Health Plan. With a Pet Health Plan, Grove Vets can help you to save money by paying monthly for your pet’s essential preventive care.

Grove Vets Pet Health Plan

A Pet Health Plan is not the same as health insurance; the plan will include regular things – like vaccinations and health checks in the monthly payment plans – that often don’t get covered by pet insurance. A Pet Health Plan is designed to adapt to the needs of your pet no matter what age it may be, from puppies or kittens, to adulthood and throughout the senior years.

Grove Vets Pet Health Plan

It’s really simple. A monthly payment is paid via direct debit and can be as low as £5.45 per month for a dog and £7.45 per month for a cat.

Grove Vets Pet Health Plan

via Petplan Uk Facebook Page

To join up or find out more about Pet Health Plans get in touch with us. We are more than happy to talk you through the specific details and answer any questions you might have. At Grove Vets we only want what is best for your pet. We believe that a Pet Health Plan is a simple and effective way to ensure that your pet is cared for at all stages of its life.

For full information call us on 02825656023 or 02894478982.

Obesity Clinic at Grove Vets Ballymena

Grove Vets hold a FREE obesity clinic for dogs and cats who are overweight. Has your pup overindulged this Christmas, or are you worried that the winter weather means that your pet isn’t getting out as much because of the weather then please consider talking with Grove Vets.

Obesity Clinic at Grove Vets Ballymena

Obesity Clinic at Grove Vets Ballymena

At Grove Vets we hold free of charge weight loss/nurse clinics!

Obesity can be life-threatening and obese pets are more likely to suffer from Diabetes, Heart disease, Arthritis, Lung disorders and Immune dysfunction.

PetMD provides us with more information about pet obesity:


  • Weight gain
  • Excess body fat
  • The inability (or unwillingness) to exercise
  • An above-ideal score in a body condition assessment


There are several causes of obesity. It is mosty commonly caused by an imbalance between the energy intake and its usage — eating more than the dog can possibly expend. Obesity also becomes more common in old age because of the normal decrease in a dog’s ability to exercise. Unhealthy eating habits, such as high-calorie foods, an alternating diet, and frequent treats can also bring on this condition.

Other common causes include:


Obesity is diagnosed primarily by measuring the dog’s body weight or by scoring its body condition, which involves assessing its body composition. Your veterinarian will do this by examining your dog, palpating its ribs, lumbar area, tail, and head. The results are then compared to the breed standard.

If a dog is obese, it will have an excess body weight of approximately 10 to 15 percent. In the nine-point scoring system, dogs which have a body condition score greater than seven are considered to be obese.

Please click here to read the full article.

Please give us a call and we can assess your pet to see if he or she would benefit from a weight loss plan! We are located on the Grove Road in Ballymena and look forward to meeting you and your pet.

Grove Vets works with Farmers in Ballymena

Farmers in Ballymena are hard workers and here at Grove Vets with love working alongside them. Whether we are tending to their cattle or helping them with diseases we want local farmers to know that if they ever have any problems or questions then Grove Vets are always there to help them.

Grove Vets works with Farmers in Ballymena

Grove Vets works with Farmers in Ballymena

At Grove Vets we also want to highlight an amazing charity who are there to help farmers if they are struggling with their work or home life. Here is some information from the Rural Support website.

Rural Support was formed as a charity in 2002. At that time, the Foot and Mouth epidemic was having a severe impact on farmers and on the rural community as a whole. There was evidence of distress within the rural community and the need for a support service was identified.

The organisation provides this support through a helpline which offers a listening and signposting service for farmers and rural families. Callers to the helpline are of all ages and backgrounds and come from every part of Northern Ireland.

Rural Support provides a listening and signposting service for farmers and rural families across Northern Ireland through its helpline.  We can also provide face to face support, help you source information and advice about a wide range of issues.

Everyone’s circumstances are different.  We will take time to listen carefully to your concerns and needs and we will work with you to find the best way ahead.

Help with family issues

Changing family circumstances such as relationship breakups or bereavement, planning for the future, whether it be making a will or considering retirement, can cause worry and stress.  Having someone to talk to outside of the family can help.

Help with health issues

Isolation, loneliness and lack of access to services can lead to feelings of stress and depression.  Our volunteers understand the challenges and issues facing farmers and rural dwellers.  They have experience in helping individuals deal with various issues and providing support in making difficult decisions.

When you contact us we will:

Listen / Not judge / Keep information confidential / Only do what you want us to do / Agree the next steps with you.

We can support you by:

Listening / Visiting / Accompanying / Helping you find advice / Explaining / Mentoring.

All calls are confidential and the helpline operates from 8am to 11pm, seven days a week (voicemail and support options available at all other times).

Helpline : 0845 606 7 607 (The number is charged at local rate from BT landlines although other providers and mobile operators may charge more. We are happy to call you back if you are concerned about the cost of the call.)

Our volunteers understand the challenges and issues facing farmers and rural dwellers.  They have experience in helping individuals deal with various issues and providing support in making difficult decisions.

For more information please click here. Please share this information with any farmers or farm workers who will benefit from it.

Microchipping at Grove Vets

Microchipping you pet is a vital part of being a responsible pet owner. At Grove Vets we have first hand knowledge of the devastation which can be caused if pets are microchipped and we strongly urge all pet owners to bring their cat or dog along to Grove Vets to get microchipped.

Microchipping at Grove Vets

Sadly in January we, at Grove Vets have had two cats handed in after road traffic accidents. Unfortunately neither survived – a Grey and white male with a blue collar and a tabby with no collar. Neither cats were microchipped. Sadly this means that it is impossible to track down the owners of these beloved pets.

Microchipping at Grove Vets

This is why microchipping is so important. Inexpensive and almost painless; this involves the implantation of a tiny electronic microchip between your pet’s shoulder-blades. This permanently identifies your pet as belonging to you and helps to ensure the return of hundreds of lost or stolen pets every year to their rightful owners.

Please contact the Grove Vets if you can help us find the owners of these cats or to arrange an appointment where your pet can be microchipped. Call Grove Vets on 028 2565 6023.