Weight Loss programme Grove Vets

Grove Vets Ballymena offer a free weight loss programme for pets where, owners can bring their pets to take part in the clinic and in turn help improve their overall health.

You may not know that if a pet is as little as 20% overweight, it will subsequently have an increased risk of suffering from diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. Grove Vets use Hill’s weight loss products which are nutritionally balanced pet food designed for pets who are overweight.

Weight Loss programme Grove Vets

Photo Credit: d.aniela; Creative Commons

If you think your pet may be over weight you can bring them along to the free weight loss clinic where they will be accessed, weighed and Janice, our qualified veterinarian nurse will design a weight loss plan which suits you and your pet.

Being a responsible pet owner sometimes can be difficult and you and your pet will have to work hard to get healthy again. No more dinner time treats or snacks and lots more walks and exercise will help your pet to get back to a normal and healthy weight. A Weight Loss programme with Grove Vets will help you to get back on the right path.

Weight Loss programme Grove Vets

Please call us here at Grove Vets on 028 256562023 to arrange your appointment at our free pet weight loss clinic.

How to best care for your Cat – Advice from Grove Vets Ballymena

Grove Vets in Ballymena have lots of advice to give about how best to care for your cat. Cats are independent and like to think they can look after themselves but we know that they often need a loving owner to help them out too. At Grove Vets we deal with all kinds of Cat related appointments. These range from worming, neutering and vaccinations, to teeth cleaning and helping fat cats to lose weight.

Grove vets have written lots of articles here on the Grove Vets website which might be of use to you of you are a cat owner.

  • Cats with mouth Ulcers
  • The benefits of having a cat
  • Caring for your cat as it gets older

If you would like to have a look at these articles and more please click here. Below is one of our old articles which we think is worth sharing again.

Neutering your Cat

How to best care for your Cat - Advice from Grove Vets Ballymena

Grove Vets Ballymena advise to neuter your cat. Neutering your cat at Grove Vets Centre can help reduce undesirable behaviour such as urine spraying and aggression. Neutering is also essential to control the cat population.

Cats that are neutered live longer and have a lower chance of developing mammry carcinoma and are less likely to get infectious diseases such as FIV & FELV. The risks of pregnancy are also avoided.

Experts now recommend neutering at 4 months of age instead of traditional 6 months.  There are lower surgical complication rates, quicker recovery rates. Earlier neutered cats have a lower incident of feline lower urinary tract disease, gingivitis and feline asthma compared to cats neutered at the traditional six months of age. Find more information at The Cat Group.

For advice on neutering your cat contact Grove Vets Ballymena on 028-25656023.

Microchipping at Grove Vets

Microchipping you pet is a vital part of being a responsible pet owner. At Grove Vets we have first hand knowledge of the devastation which can be caused if pets are microchipped and we strongly urge all pet owners to bring their cat or dog along to Grove Vets to get microchipped.

Microchipping at Grove Vets

Sadly in January we, at Grove Vets have had two cats handed in after road traffic accidents. Unfortunately neither survived – a Grey and white male with a blue collar and a tabby with no collar. Neither cats were microchipped. Sadly this means that it is impossible to track down the owners of these beloved pets.

Microchipping at Grove Vets

This is why microchipping is so important. Inexpensive and almost painless; this involves the implantation of a tiny electronic microchip between your pet’s shoulder-blades. This permanently identifies your pet as belonging to you and helps to ensure the return of hundreds of lost or stolen pets every year to their rightful owners.

Please contact the Grove Vets if you can help us find the owners of these cats or to arrange an appointment where your pet can be microchipped. Call Grove Vets on 028 2565 6023.

New Year – New Pet at Grove Vets

At Grove Vets we are excited about a new year and a new pet. No, we aren’t asking you to get rid of your beloved pet for a new one, but now is a great time to check your pets health and tackle any problems or issues.

Just like us humans our pets can overindulge and get a bit lazy over Christmas time. And just like lots of people are starting to eat healthy and join up to the gym our pets can get a new regime too.

Does your pet need some exercise and nutrition advice. Well if so then Grove Vets are the place to go.

New Year - New Pet at Grove Vets

New Year – New Pet at Grove Vets

Grove Vets have a FREE nurses clinic to tackle overweight pets. Yes, it is FREE! Headed up by head nurse Janice you pet will get an exercise plan and nutritional help. Don’t forget at Grove Vets we have a Hydrotherapy pool which can be used to aid weight loss. Janice will monitor you pets weight with weigh in’s and give you all the advice and help you need to help your dog or cat achieve a healthy weight.

Ensuring that your pet is healthy and happy is your responsible as a pet owner. We know how easy it is to give your pet treats in the form of snacks and food, but this could really be damaging to their health and wellbeing. Please consider calling in with Janice at the Nurses Clinic at Grove Vets in Ballymena to get your pets health and weight back on track!

The speed of social media is really helpful

Writing here on our blog is one way to communicate and tell stories and share news on the web but, often it’s not as direct as we need it to be. We love being able to use social media to communicate quickly and effectively with our customers.

One aspect of this which we have loved is being able to reunite pets with their owners via our Facebook page. The speed of social media is really helpful when it’s comes to this kind of thing.

We posted about this ginger cat on Thursday 13th Oct and the very next day we were excited to see that the pet had been reunited with it’s owner.

The speed of social media is really helpful

The speed of social media is really helpful

How amazing is that? It was great to see this scared little cat being reunited with it’s owner.

Using Facebook to help reunite missing pets with their owners is a fantastic but simple act. It takes no time at all to simply post a picture and contact info. If you haven’t like our Facebook page, we would love you to connect with us there. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a missing pet or if you find someone else’s pet. If we can help by posting some info online for you we will definitely do that.

Ballymena Today also wrote a post about this for us recently to highlight how you can do the same for your business or organisation using social media and by connecting with real people/.

Benefits of having a pet cat

Benefits of having a pet cat

We love cats and we thought we’d share some of the benefits of having a pet cat. Many people think cats are unfriendly and aloof but this is not always true. Cats are almost always perfectly happy being on their own but they still form close bonds with owners and even other cats.

Cats also like to sleep and can notch up fifteen hours of nap-time during one day but, owning a cat is till a commitment that you need to consider carefully. Your cat will still need your attention.

Cat owners are less likely to suffer from stress and are known to relax more and have greater life satisfaction. Cats keep their owners feeling young and active and learning how to care for a cat can do wonders for a child’s self-esteem, social skills and sense of responsibility to others. For many owners, their cat is an integral member of the family – inspiring feelings of peace, joy and happiness and providing fun and laughter.

The above quote is from the Cats and People Document on www.cats.org.uk – you can find the whole document here. There is also a comprehensive series of guides available here. These important documents cover everything you need to know about owning a cat and you can download them and keep a digital copy if required.

Everything from feeding your cat, microchipping, pregnant cats and ageing cats is covered in the documents linked but, if you live locally and have any concerns, Grove Vets are happy to help.