Weight Loss programme Grove Vets

Grove Vets Ballymena offer a free weight loss programme for pets where, owners can bring their pets to take part in the clinic and in turn help improve their overall health.

You may not know that if a pet is as little as 20% overweight, it will subsequently have an increased risk of suffering from diabetes, arthritis and heart disease. Grove Vets use Hill’s weight loss products which are nutritionally balanced pet food designed for pets who are overweight.

Weight Loss programme Grove Vets

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If you think your pet may be over weight you can bring them along to the free weight loss clinic where they will be accessed, weighed and Janice, our qualified veterinarian nurse will design a weight loss plan which suits you and your pet.

Being a responsible pet owner sometimes can be difficult and you and your pet will have to work hard to get healthy again. No more dinner time treats or snacks and lots more walks and exercise will help your pet to get back to a normal and healthy weight. A Weight Loss programme with Grove Vets will help you to get back on the right path.

Weight Loss programme Grove Vets

Please call us here at Grove Vets on 028 256562023 to arrange your appointment at our free pet weight loss clinic.

Grove Vets Pet Health Plan

At Grove Vets we fully recommend you consider a Pet Health Plan. With a Pet Health Plan, Grove Vets can help you to save money by paying monthly for your pet’s essential preventive care.

Grove Vets Pet Health Plan

A Pet Health Plan is not the same as health insurance; the plan will include regular things – like vaccinations and health checks in the monthly payment plans – that often don’t get covered by pet insurance. A Pet Health Plan is designed to adapt to the needs of your pet no matter what age it may be, from puppies or kittens, to adulthood and throughout the senior years.

Grove Vets Pet Health Plan

It’s really simple. A monthly payment is paid via direct debit and can be as low as £5.45 per month for a dog and £7.45 per month for a cat.

Grove Vets Pet Health Plan

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To join up or find out more about Pet Health Plans get in touch with us. We are more than happy to talk you through the specific details and answer any questions you might have. At Grove Vets we only want what is best for your pet. We believe that a Pet Health Plan is a simple and effective way to ensure that your pet is cared for at all stages of its life.

For full information call us on 02825656023 or 02894478982.

Vote for Grove Vets in the Petplan awards


We love what we do at Grove Vets and, we love our clients and their pets. If our team have been helpful to you and your pet, we would love you to vote for Grove Vets in the Petplan awards.

Petplan began in 1976 with an aim to keep the nations pets healthy and, their owners happy. They offer the very best pet insurance policies and, have helped millions of pet owners over the years. Petplan work closely with veterinary practices all over the United Kingdom to deliver the best customer service possible.

Here’s what they say;

Petplan has worked closely with the veterinary profession for over 40 years and sees first hand each day the fantastic work that goes on in veterinary practices across the UK.

We recognise that keeping customers happy and pets healthy is a team effort from the receptionist and support staff right through to the vets and nurses themselves. These awards provide an opportunity for pet owners to recognise the hard work and dedication of veterinary staff and say ‘thank you’.



The petplan awards categories are:

– Best Practice
– Practice Manager of the Year
– Practice Support Staff of the Year
– Vet Nurse of the Year
– Vet of the Year

To vote for Grove Vets in the petplan awards click here. The voting process is very simple and we would be delighted if you voted for us in one or more category.

It’s a privilege to be able to serve people and their pets in the Ballymena area. Remember if you have any concerns or questions about your pets, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help.

Future Farmers

I wonder how often we think about future farmers? We saw this fabulous little video recently from Dale Farm and thought we would share it again.

Isn’t it great to remember that farms grow, develop and continue through families and, that they get handed down to sons and daughters who continue a family tradition and more importantly, a family business.

The responsibility can include land, livestock, crops for fresh produce and employment of others to name a few. As a veterinary practice we take the responsibility to local farmers and their livestock very seriously. Their value to local community is of huge importance.

We think this video provides a lovely little insight.