Ballymena Grove Vets – Autumn Weight Loss

Here at Grove Vets in Ballymena we are happy announce that our Autumn Weight loss champion is Dixie, who is part of the Chapman family.

Dixie Chapman autumn weightwatcher

Dixie started off at a weight of 8.50kg and through a healthy lifestyle and exercise lost 1.39kg

Dixie now weighs 7.11kg and won a free 6kg bag of Hills Canine Prescription Diet rd mini pet food.

A massive well done to Dixie and the whole Chapman family for achieving such great results.

Thanks to Hills Pet Food for sponsoring Autumn weight loss here at Grove Vets.





Summer Slimmers – Shelia and Fly

summer weight loss dogsGrove Vets in Ballymena have been helping a pair of dogs lose some weight over the summer.

Congratulations to Shelia and her daughter Fly who both shed some weight over the past few months.

Sheila’s starting weight was 28.11kg and she now weighs in at 23.8kg.

Her daughter Fly was 21.7kg and at her latest weigh in weighed 20.2kg

Both dogs got a free bag of food each from Grove Vets. Well done Sheila and Fly, keep up the good work!

Grove Vets Slimmer of the Month – Ballymena Randalstown May 2013

Slimmer of the Month – “APOLLO”



APOLLO with his owner Mr. Richards getting their FREE bag of dog food after being Grove Vet Centre’s pet slimmer of month for May 2013


Starting weight –  43 kgs

Now weighs – 40 kgs

Well done to APOLLO who has lost 3 kgs already and only started couple months ago!


Vets Ballymena Randalstown – Slimmer of the month