Grove Vets works with Farmers in Ballymena

Farmers in Ballymena are hard workers and here at Grove Vets with love working alongside them. Whether we are tending to their cattle or helping them with diseases we want local farmers to know that if they ever have any problems or questions then Grove Vets are always there to help them.

Grove Vets works with Farmers in Ballymena

Grove Vets works with Farmers in Ballymena

At Grove Vets we also want to highlight an amazing charity who are there to help farmers if they are struggling with their work or home life. Here is some information from the Rural Support website.

Rural Support was formed as a charity in 2002. At that time, the Foot and Mouth epidemic was having a severe impact on farmers and on the rural community as a whole. There was evidence of distress within the rural community and the need for a support service was identified.

The organisation provides this support through a helpline which offers a listening and signposting service for farmers and rural families. Callers to the helpline are of all ages and backgrounds and come from every part of Northern Ireland.

Rural Support provides a listening and signposting service for farmers and rural families across Northern Ireland through its helpline.  We can also provide face to face support, help you source information and advice about a wide range of issues.

Everyone’s circumstances are different.  We will take time to listen carefully to your concerns and needs and we will work with you to find the best way ahead.

Help with family issues

Changing family circumstances such as relationship breakups or bereavement, planning for the future, whether it be making a will or considering retirement, can cause worry and stress.  Having someone to talk to outside of the family can help.

Help with health issues

Isolation, loneliness and lack of access to services can lead to feelings of stress and depression.  Our volunteers understand the challenges and issues facing farmers and rural dwellers.  They have experience in helping individuals deal with various issues and providing support in making difficult decisions.

When you contact us we will:

Listen / Not judge / Keep information confidential / Only do what you want us to do / Agree the next steps with you.

We can support you by:

Listening / Visiting / Accompanying / Helping you find advice / Explaining / Mentoring.

All calls are confidential and the helpline operates from 8am to 11pm, seven days a week (voicemail and support options available at all other times).

Helpline : 0845 606 7 607 (The number is charged at local rate from BT landlines although other providers and mobile operators may charge more. We are happy to call you back if you are concerned about the cost of the call.)

Our volunteers understand the challenges and issues facing farmers and rural dwellers.  They have experience in helping individuals deal with various issues and providing support in making difficult decisions.

For more information please click here. Please share this information with any farmers or farm workers who will benefit from it.

Grove Vets Advice – My dog keeps scratching

Ballymena based Grove Vets recently shared advice for the problem – My dog keeps scratching. If your dog is constantly scratching it can quickly become very annoying – especially for your poor pooch.

Grove Vets Advice - My dog keeps scratching

Grove Vets Advice – My dog keeps scratching

Chewing feet, smelly or itchy skin, bad ears? Grove Vets can help!

Skin allergies are exceedingly common in all breeds of dogs, causing them discomfort and irritation. We have numerous treatment options available for this, including allergy vaccines, anti itching medication safe for long term use, medicated shampoos and prescription diets to completely alleviate your dogs itch!

Identifying what exactly is bothering your dog can be difficult but don’t worry – we are happy to help. Our expert veterinarian nurses are professionally trained to care for your dog. They will help you get to the root of the problem and give you the correct medicine to help. That means that you don’t waste your time, or money trying quick fix cures or the wrong medicine.

We are Ballymena’s longest established veterinary practice, caring for Ballymena’s domestic animals since the early 1970s. We are a caring, enthusiastic and dedicated team of professionals aiming to provide an affordable, efficient service to the pets of Ballymena, utilising the highest standards of equipment and expertise.

We are proud of our facilities. Our practice meets the criteria required for training Veterinary Nurses and Animal Nursing Assistants and is certified as such by both DARD and the RCVS. We are perfectly equipped to give you and your pet the best of attention and care.

Please contact Grove vets in Ballymena for more information.

Ballymena vet using Facebook to reunite owners with pets

Here at Grove Vets in Ballymena we encourage local pet owners to follow us on Facebook. Grove Vets are a Ballymena vet using Facebook to reunite owners with pets. Facebook is a great tool to help us when a pet has been brought in who has got lost. We can quickly check the animal over and then get a picture up on Facebook to help us reunite owners with their pets.

Just take a look at some of the pets who we have been able to spread the word about.

Ballymena vet using Facebook to reunite owners with pets

This dog was found in Broughshane and got reunited with his owners quickly.

Ballymena vet using Facebook to reunite owners with pets

This Rabbit was found exploring Ballymena.

Ballymena vet using Facebook to reunite owners with pets

This cat was brought in after it was thought to have been involved in a car accident in the town.

Ballymena vet using Facebook to reunite owners with pets

If you would like to follow our Facebook Page please click here. By following us you will stay up to date with our news and updates. We often post pictures from our Hydrotherapy Spa, our Professional Dog Groomers, our Weight-watchers clinic and more. Follow Grove Vets Ballymena on Facebook now and you could also help us in the future to help a lost pet find their way homes.

Dog Weight loss success in Ballymena

Here in Ballymena our Grove Vets pet Weight watchers clinic has another success. This time it is a dog called Badger who reached his goal weight.

Dog Weight loss success in Ballymena

Dog Weight loss success in Ballymena

Badger eared his rosette and a free bag of food. He got a certificate to celebrate reaching his target weight after following a weight loss programme with our nurse Janice. Well done to Badger and his weight loss team.

13240011_968919309893619_5530237759986251776_n Untitled

If your pet is over weight then the Free Grove Vets Weight watchers clinic can give you the advice and help that you need.

Carrying extra weight can encourage different health issues. These can include;
  • Development of Diabetes
  • Damage and strain on bones, joints and ligaments
  • Heart Disease and increased blood pressure
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Decreased stamina
  • Heat Intolerance
  • Decreased liver function
  • Skin and hair coat problems
  • Decreased quality and length of life
At Grove Vets you can join with other pet weight-watchers and their owners alongside the Grove Vets team. Enjoy a cup of tea and pick up some helpful advice to help you help your pet to reach their target weight. You can read about pets who have successfully lost weight with the help of Grove Vets here.
To book a space in Grove Vets ballymena pet weight-watchers club call 028-25656023.

Grove Vets – Tha Spa @ Grove Ballymena

At Grove Vets in Ballymena we work hard to offer all the services which our clients and their pets might need. Not only do we offer free nurses clinics for you pet and outstanding surgery facilities but we also have the Spa @ Grove. Have you booked your pet in yet?

Grove Vets - Tha Spa @ Grove Ballymena

We offer pet hydrotherapy at the Spa @ Grove. Click here to read more.

One of the services which we now offer is our Professional Grooming. Grooming your dog is very important, especially if you have a dog with a long haired coat. A dog’s coat provides warmth in the winter and can also help your dog to stay cool in the summer. This is why when you go to get a trim and a groom it is vital that you get the expertise of a professional. Grooming is also important to keep you dog fit and healthy and free from ticks and fleas. The summer time is the perfect time to book your dog in for a professional grooming session.

Grove Vets – Tha Spa @ Grove Ballymena

We also have a fully qualified groomer on site to cater for all of your pets grooming needs. From a quick trim and tidy up to a full scale pamper session you pet will be in great, professional hands.
Here at Grove Vets we have been serving the Ballymena community for many years and we are happy to expand our services to offer more. Please give us a call or come in to find out more about The Spa @ Grove Vets in Ballymena.

Grove Vets advice about Fleas

It is summertime which means that lots of pet owners are calling Grove Vets to talk about pets with fleas. Here is all that you need to know about fleas, how to check for them, and how they can be treated.

Grove Vets advice about Fleas

Grove Vets advice about Fleas

Fleas are the most commonly encountered external parasites found on our pets. You may notice your pet scratching, particularly along his/her back. Cats tend to deal with the itching caused by fleas by grooming excessively and this can lead to problems with hair ball. If you look closely through the coat, you may be able to actually see fleas, though they are fast! Oftentimes, flea dirt will be apparent through your pet’s coat- this looks like black specks, similar to coal dust.

Why should I treat for fleas?

Flea infestations affect not only our pets, but also us, as fleas spend the majority of their time away from your pet, only returning to the pet in order to feed. Fleas lay eggs and larvae develop in the pet’s environment, which unfortunately often means in the carpets and furnishings of our houses. This is why fleas can be difficult to eradicate once acquired. Heavy flea infestations can result in anaemia in young animals, but more commonly are a cause of skin infections in our pets. If your pet develops an allergy to flea bites, these infections can be very severe indeed. Fleas play a role in transmission of tapeworm and can also bite humans!

How should I treat my pet for fleas?

For the reasons outlined above, once acquired, flea infestations can be difficult to get rid of. We therefore recommend proactive prevention and would advise you to get into the habit of using a product regularly to avoid your pet acquiring fleas. Pet owners must be careful as there are a large number of products and devices available, many of which are of no value at all in controlling or killing fleas. We can advise you on which products are safe and actually effective. Many treatments can be given in the form of a spot on, which are extremely easy to apply. Not all spot-on treatments are the same though and again, we can advise you on which will be the best for your pet. If you find fleas on your pet, treating the pet is only half the battle; for the reasons above, it is vitally important to treat the pet’s environment (often your house!) as well. This may involve disposing of the pet’s bedding, hoovering carefully any areas the pet has access to and possibly the use of certain products to kill eggs and larvae in your soft furnishings. Again, we can advise you on which products will suit your circumstances best.

Call Grove Vets in Ballymena for help with treating your pet for Fleas.