Dog Breeding in Ballymena

At Grove Vets we offer a host of services for pet owners in Ballymena including help, advice and services which will help you if you decide to breed from your dog. Puppies are adorable but dog breeding can be a difficult and time consuming and Grove Vets want to offer any pet owner the help and support that they may need.Dog Breeding in Ballymena

Dog Breeding in Ballymena

If you are intending to breed from your bitch, we can assist you every step of the way.

In certain breeds, the Kennel Club suggests radiographs be taken for hip scoring and sometimes elbow scoring in order to help ensure the improvement of the breed. We can help to determine the optimal time to mate your bitch by both vaginal swabs and blood samples and can advise you on normal mating, proper care of the pregnant bitch and whelping.

We offer ultrasound for both pregnancy diagnosis and monitoring and are always available should you have any concerns when the big day of whelping arrives!

While the promise of puppies is a happy one, you want to make sure that you pregnant dog is feeling the best they possibly can. At Grove Vets we have the expertise and technical equipment which can help you every step of the way. Please get in touch with us here at Grove Vets in Ballymena on 028 2565 6023 if you are interested in dog breeding.

Does you pet enjoy a dip in Ballymena?

If your pet in Ballymena like a little dip in a local pond, lake or lough then please share this advice which Grove Vets read on the BBC News Website.

Does you pet enjoy a dip in Ballymena?

Does you pet enjoy a dip in Ballymena?

Pet owners have been advised to take care when letting their dogs swim in areas of water. This warning comes after dog owners in North Lanarkshire, Scotland claimed that their dogs were made ill from swimming a the local Lough. The Lough contains naturally occurring algae which has been clinging to the dogs coats as they swim. Dog owner were also worried that the dogs were swallowing something which would be harmful. Here are more details from the BBC website:

“This is due to the natural occurrence of blue-green algae in the loch. Blue-green algae occurs when temperatures are consistently warmer than usual or when there is little wind and rain, as has been the case in recent weeks.

“There is no way to prevent it but we monitor water quality and put warning signs up when algae is above normal levels.”

A spokesman for Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park said the algae had been discovered in Loch Lomond at several locations including Drumkinnon Bay, the Balloch slipway, Luss Islands and Balmaha.

They added: “Blue-green algae can produce toxins that can kill animals including dogs. In humans it can cause rashes after skin contact and illnesses if swallowed. Pet owners should keep their animals away from affected waters.”

While in Northern Ireland we don’t need to worry too much about dangerous areas of water but it is worth keeping an eye on the areas of water. Loughs and stagnant areas of water can potential be dangerous. If you are worried that you dog has become ill after swimming in unknown water, please give Groves Vets a call and we can give you pet a check up to make sure that they are happy, fit and healthy.

New Year – New Pet at Grove Vets

At Grove Vets we are excited about a new year and a new pet. No, we aren’t asking you to get rid of your beloved pet for a new one, but now is a great time to check your pets health and tackle any problems or issues.

Just like us humans our pets can overindulge and get a bit lazy over Christmas time. And just like lots of people are starting to eat healthy and join up to the gym our pets can get a new regime too.

Does your pet need some exercise and nutrition advice. Well if so then Grove Vets are the place to go.

New Year - New Pet at Grove Vets

New Year – New Pet at Grove Vets

Grove Vets have a FREE nurses clinic to tackle overweight pets. Yes, it is FREE! Headed up by head nurse Janice you pet will get an exercise plan and nutritional help. Don’t forget at Grove Vets we have a Hydrotherapy pool which can be used to aid weight loss. Janice will monitor you pets weight with weigh in’s and give you all the advice and help you need to help your dog or cat achieve a healthy weight.

Ensuring that your pet is healthy and happy is your responsible as a pet owner. We know how easy it is to give your pet treats in the form of snacks and food, but this could really be damaging to their health and wellbeing. Please consider calling in with Janice at the Nurses Clinic at Grove Vets in Ballymena to get your pets health and weight back on track!

Vote for Grove Vets in the Petplan awards


We love what we do at Grove Vets and, we love our clients and their pets. If our team have been helpful to you and your pet, we would love you to vote for Grove Vets in the Petplan awards.

Petplan began in 1976 with an aim to keep the nations pets healthy and, their owners happy. They offer the very best pet insurance policies and, have helped millions of pet owners over the years. Petplan work closely with veterinary practices all over the United Kingdom to deliver the best customer service possible.

Here’s what they say;

Petplan has worked closely with the veterinary profession for over 40 years and sees first hand each day the fantastic work that goes on in veterinary practices across the UK.

We recognise that keeping customers happy and pets healthy is a team effort from the receptionist and support staff right through to the vets and nurses themselves. These awards provide an opportunity for pet owners to recognise the hard work and dedication of veterinary staff and say ‘thank you’.



The petplan awards categories are:

– Best Practice
– Practice Manager of the Year
– Practice Support Staff of the Year
– Vet Nurse of the Year
– Vet of the Year

To vote for Grove Vets in the petplan awards click here. The voting process is very simple and we would be delighted if you voted for us in one or more category.

It’s a privilege to be able to serve people and their pets in the Ballymena area. Remember if you have any concerns or questions about your pets, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help.

Future Farmers

I wonder how often we think about future farmers? We saw this fabulous little video recently from Dale Farm and thought we would share it again.

Isn’t it great to remember that farms grow, develop and continue through families and, that they get handed down to sons and daughters who continue a family tradition and more importantly, a family business.

The responsibility can include land, livestock, crops for fresh produce and employment of others to name a few. As a veterinary practice we take the responsibility to local farmers and their livestock very seriously. Their value to local community is of huge importance.

We think this video provides a lovely little insight.

The speed of social media is really helpful

Writing here on our blog is one way to communicate and tell stories and share news on the web but, often it’s not as direct as we need it to be. We love being able to use social media to communicate quickly and effectively with our customers.

One aspect of this which we have loved is being able to reunite pets with their owners via our Facebook page. The speed of social media is really helpful when it’s comes to this kind of thing.

We posted about this ginger cat on Thursday 13th Oct and the very next day we were excited to see that the pet had been reunited with it’s owner.

The speed of social media is really helpful

The speed of social media is really helpful

How amazing is that? It was great to see this scared little cat being reunited with it’s owner.

Using Facebook to help reunite missing pets with their owners is a fantastic but simple act. It takes no time at all to simply post a picture and contact info. If you haven’t like our Facebook page, we would love you to connect with us there. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a missing pet or if you find someone else’s pet. If we can help by posting some info online for you we will definitely do that.

Ballymena Today also wrote a post about this for us recently to highlight how you can do the same for your business or organisation using social media and by connecting with real people/.

Dog Vaccinations at Grove Vets – Ballymena

At Grove Vets in Ballymena we see lots of dogs and their owners who are keeping their pets vaccinations up to date. Vaccinations are of vital importance and are an important part of being a responsible dog owner.

The RSPCA shares this information which explains why vaccinations are necessary.

Make sure you protect your pets and keep them safe by keeping up to date with their vaccinations.
If the number of pets protected by vaccines drops our animal companions could be at risk from an outbreak of infectious diseases, some of which can be transmitted to humans.

When to vaccinate

When puppies and kittens are born they are usually protected from infections by their mother’s milk, providing she has been regularly vaccinated. However, this protection only lasts a few weeks so they need regular vaccinations from an early age.
Puppies are typically vaccinated at eight and 10 weeks, kittens at nine and 12 weeks, with an initial course of two injections. Your young pet should then be given a booster 12 months after their first vaccination.
Rabbits need regular vaccinations too. Find out more about rabbit vaccinations.
Older pets need protecting too, as their immunity can decline. Speak to your vet as the regularity of your companions vaccinations can vary depending on the diseases prevalent in your area.

Vaccines against infectious diseases


Dogs should be routinely vaccinated against:

  • Canine parvovirus
  • Canine distemper virus
  • Leptospirosis
  • Infectious canine hepatitis.

If your dog will be spending some time in kennels they may also be given a kennel cough vaccine. This vaccine is usually given intra-nasally (into a nostril) and protects against parainfluenza virus and bordetella bronchiseptica.

Dogs travelling abroad may require a rabies vaccination.  (Source)


Our head nurse Janice carries out many dog vaccinations in the Grove Vets nurses clinic. Take a look below at the beautiful Nel who came in for her second round of injections last month.

Dog Vaccinations at Grove Vets - Ballymena

Dog Vaccinations at Grove Vets - Ballymena

What a beautiful dog.

Nel coped really well with her vaccinations and now her owner can rest easy knowing that all her medical records are up to date. If your dog needs their vaccinations or just a check up please give Grove Vets a call on 028 2565 6023 to book an appointment.

Grove Vets Advice – My dog keeps scratching

Ballymena based Grove Vets recently shared advice for the problem – My dog keeps scratching. If your dog is constantly scratching it can quickly become very annoying – especially for your poor pooch.

Grove Vets Advice - My dog keeps scratching

Grove Vets Advice – My dog keeps scratching

Chewing feet, smelly or itchy skin, bad ears? Grove Vets can help!

Skin allergies are exceedingly common in all breeds of dogs, causing them discomfort and irritation. We have numerous treatment options available for this, including allergy vaccines, anti itching medication safe for long term use, medicated shampoos and prescription diets to completely alleviate your dogs itch!

Identifying what exactly is bothering your dog can be difficult but don’t worry – we are happy to help. Our expert veterinarian nurses are professionally trained to care for your dog. They will help you get to the root of the problem and give you the correct medicine to help. That means that you don’t waste your time, or money trying quick fix cures or the wrong medicine.

We are Ballymena’s longest established veterinary practice, caring for Ballymena’s domestic animals since the early 1970s. We are a caring, enthusiastic and dedicated team of professionals aiming to provide an affordable, efficient service to the pets of Ballymena, utilising the highest standards of equipment and expertise.

We are proud of our facilities. Our practice meets the criteria required for training Veterinary Nurses and Animal Nursing Assistants and is certified as such by both DARD and the RCVS. We are perfectly equipped to give you and your pet the best of attention and care.

Please contact Grove vets in Ballymena for more information.

Benefits of having a pet cat

Benefits of having a pet cat

We love cats and we thought we’d share some of the benefits of having a pet cat. Many people think cats are unfriendly and aloof but this is not always true. Cats are almost always perfectly happy being on their own but they still form close bonds with owners and even other cats.

Cats also like to sleep and can notch up fifteen hours of nap-time during one day but, owning a cat is till a commitment that you need to consider carefully. Your cat will still need your attention.

Cat owners are less likely to suffer from stress and are known to relax more and have greater life satisfaction. Cats keep their owners feeling young and active and learning how to care for a cat can do wonders for a child’s self-esteem, social skills and sense of responsibility to others. For many owners, their cat is an integral member of the family – inspiring feelings of peace, joy and happiness and providing fun and laughter.

The above quote is from the Cats and People Document on – you can find the whole document here. There is also a comprehensive series of guides available here. These important documents cover everything you need to know about owning a cat and you can download them and keep a digital copy if required.

Everything from feeding your cat, microchipping, pregnant cats and ageing cats is covered in the documents linked but, if you live locally and have any concerns, Grove Vets are happy to help.

Cat Myths Busted

Cat myths busted

We are really looking forward to more in this series after seeing the helpful Cat Myths Busted,  Ain’t Misbehaving short video. No matter what type of pet you have, there will always be helpful tips and hints that are worth knowing. There will also be myths that you might have heard about certain pets.

Check it out.

This is such simple information. We love it!

Cats Protection’s Behaviour Manager Nicky Trevorrow says:

“Cats are naturally very clean animals so it is certainly a sign that all’s not right in their world if they start inappropriately urinating in the house.”

– Quote source here.

If you have a cat you can get more really helpful information here at and, if you want to keep an eye out for more short videos in this series then visit

We can’t wait to see more.

And don’t forget if you live locally and have any queries or concerns about your cats or any other pets, you can contact us easily.