Grove Vets dog weigh loss clinic

Grove Vets in Ballymena have a dog weigh loss clinic where lots of Ballymena dogs have slimmed down to be happier and healthier. Over the past few years the Nurses Clinic at Grove Vets have devised exercise and eating plans for lots of dogs. Here are some of our doggy slimmers from the Grove Vets Weighwatchers clinic.


Apollo was one of our dog slimmers who took part a few years ago.

His starting weight was 43 kgs and now weighs 40 kgs.

Apollo lost 3 kgs in only two months.










Dixie started off at a weight of 8.50kg and through a healthy lifestyle and exercise lost1.39kg

Dixie now weighs 7.11kg











Faye took part in the Grove Vets slimming plan in 2013.

Faye’s starting weight was 46.4 kgs and finished as 44.5 kgs and looks very happy with the results!











Mac made a great weight loss attempt.

Mac now weighs 43.7kg, which is amazing as Mac was 50kg at the start of the slimming plan.








shelia and fly

Shelia and her daughter Fly who both shed some weight over a few months.

Sheila’s starting weight was 28.11kg and she now weighs in at 23.8kg.

Her daughter Fly was 21.7kg and at her latest weigh in weighed 20.2kg









Well done to all of our doggy slimmers and their dedicated owners who followed the exercise and eating plans made out by our Grove Vets veterinary nursing team. Animal Weightwatchers is one of our free clinics, so if your pet has put on a few pounds the Weighwatchers clinic will be able to assess if your pet needs a special diet or exercise regime to shift some weight. You will get regular weight ins and help and along from the Grove Vets dog weigh loss clinic.


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Overweight pet – Health Risks

Pet weight-watchers club at Grove Vets in Ballymena can help your pet lose weight. Grove Vets invite you to bring your pet to their free weight-watchers weigh in at their Ballymena surgery on Monday 13th January 2014 between 7-8pm.



If your pet is overweight they may be facing some serious health issues. These can include;
  • Development of Diabetes
  • Damage and strain on bones, joints and ligaments
  • Heart Disease and increased blood pressure
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Decreased stamina
  • Heat Intolerance
  • Decreased liver function
  • Skin and hair coat problems
  • Decreased quality and length of life
Come along to our Pet weight-watchers club on Monday evening and we will weight your pet for FREE and advise you whether or not they are overweight.
At Grove Vets you can join with other pet weight-watchers and their owners alongside the Grove Vets team. Enjoy a cup of tea and pick up some helpful advice to help you help your pet to reach their target weight.

You can read about pets who have successfully lost weight with the help of Grove Vets here.

To book a space in Grove Vets ballymena pet weight-watchers club call 028-25656023.
Pet Weightwatchers – Ballymena