We offer an extensive range of services and can cater for your every need in relation to the health and welfare of your pet. We are happy to discuss all services in detail with you and answer any questions that you might have.


Prevention is better than cure and so we offer vaccinations for all species of pets (dogs, cats and rabbits). We offer a free puppy and kitten health check prior to vaccination. Unfortunately, not all owners in Ballymena vaccinate their pets, so we do still see regular and avoidable outbreaks of preventable diseases. Protection of your pet from the misery of such diseases (which can be fatal in unvaccinated animals) is easy. See FAQs for more information on protecting your pet.


Thoroughly recommended! Inexpensive and almost painless; this involves the implantation of a tiny electronic microchip between your pet’s shoulder-blades. This permanently identifies your pet as belonging to you and helps to ensure the return of hundreds of lost or stolen pets every year to their rightful owners.

Parasitic treatments

There are a myriad of treatments available to pet owners, not all of which are effective. We can advise you on the effective treatment and prevention of parasitic problems. See FAQs for further information.


We have the training, facilities, expertise and enthusiasm to investigate and treat all of the common (and not so common!) medical problems seen in pets. If you have any concerns about the health of your pet, it is always good advice to make an appointment and have them examined sooner rather than later as it is often possible to nip problems in the bud.


We perform routine and more advanced soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery every day, using the most up to date techniques and equipment. If your pet requires surgery, we realise that this can be a stressful time for owners and will endeavour to discuss all options and procedures with you carefully beforehand and afterwards. This is in order to help you make informed choices about the care of your pet. We are careful to use the most up to date drugs in order to ensure that anaesthetics are made as safe as possible and will tailor each anaesthetic to the individual needs of your pet.


Dental disease is an extremely common problem; our dental suite enables us to remove tartar from your pet’s teeth, polish the teeth and perform extractions effectively when required. If you are concerned about your pet’s teeth, we can arrange a free appointment with Janice (our head veterinary nurse) for assessment.


We offer full cancer investigation and management. If your pet has a lump which you are concerned about, we can examine it and if required, perform biopsies, often in conscious patients to investigate. If warranted, surgical removal of growths is normally the first line of defence, but certain cancers respond well to drug therapy (chemotherapy) and this may be an option for your pet which we can discuss further with you.


We perform neutering operations every day. See FAQs for more information on why we neuter our pets, what is involved and to determine if you may be eligible for financial assistance with neutering.

Free Dental and Weight Watchers Nursing Clinics

Janice is one of our fully qualified Veterinary Nurses. Janice offers free nursing appointments, during which she can assess your pet’s dental health and advise on good dental care. She can also advise on parasitic problems, nutrition and neutering. The majority of pets are overweight to some extent. Excessive weight exacerbates arthritic pain, heart disease, some respiratory problems and can predispose pets to diabetes. Janice operates a weight watcher scheme for overweight pets and has had great success in tackling this all too common problem.


If you are intending to breed from your bitch, we can assist you every step of the way. In certain breeds, the Kennel Club suggests radiographs be taken for hip scoring and sometimes elbow scoring in order to help ensure the improvement of the breed. We can help to determine the optimal time to mate your bitch by both vaginal swabs and blood samples and can advise you on normal mating, proper care of the pregnant bitch and whelping. We offer ultrasound for both pregnancy diagnosis and monitoring and are always available should you have any concerns when the big day of whelping arrives!

Behavioural problems

We offer advice on all aspects of behavioural problems and training.

Pet insurance

We strongly recommend that you consider insuring your pet and can arrange and advise you on this. See FAQs for more information.

Pet Passports

If you are interested in taking your pet to Europe on holiday or permanently, we can arrange a pet passport. See FAQs for more information.

Alternative/Complementary therapies

We can advise you on homeopathic treatments available for your pet and can arrange for other complementary therapies on request.


We stock a full range of both maintenance and specialised prescription diets which we use to help manage and treat a number of commonly occurring conditions. We can advise you on all aspects of feeding your pet and on their changing requirements throughout life.

Quality pet accessories

We stock a wide range of toys and pet accessories.

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